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Pastor RL Bellamy12/29/2013
Last Sermon 2013 " Praise God before the party begins "

Pastor RL Bellamy12/1/2013
" It ain't no big thing "

Pastor RL Bellamy11/3/2013
" Now that you got God's attention, what are you going to do with it "

Pastor RL Bellamy10/27/2013
"You got to put in the right ingredients, to get the right results"

Pastor RL Bellamy10/20/2013
" I may have my trials, but my trials don't have me "

Pastor RL Bellamy10/6/2013
" Don't let God hide His face from you "

Pastor RL Bellamy9/29/2013
" My God is Awesome ! "

Pastor RL Bellamy9/22/2013
" I'm off track and I need to get back "

Pastor R. L. Bellamy9/8/2013
" Guess who is not sitting at my table "

Pastor RL Bellamy8/25/2013
" God does not like to be insulted "