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Welcome to God's Help Page. If you are in need of help you have come to the right page to get you on the road to where God wants you to be. First of all if you are a sinner this page can help you. If you are a backslider this page can help you. If you have been away from the Church and you want to return and re-dedicate yourself this page can help you get back on track. Even if you would like to tithe and you don't know how much to give to the Lord, there is help on how to do it from a Biblical Perspective.  Even if you are a mother that need help, even if you are looking for a job, or even want to know how to dress in the church, want to know how to fast, even if you are bereaved. There is HELP !
We at New Life welcomes you to be added to our fold and establish a devoted relationship with God. If you do not have a Church Home we invite you to come and be added to New Life or that you will make a decision that you will unite yourself to a church of your choice and be led of the Lord. You may come as a candidate for baptism, by letter or by Christian Experience. We will even watch over your soul in Watch Care if you can't decide for yourself. Please take time out and read this Help Information:  That is why this page is not playing a song. I want you to take time out with God in quiteness and then click on the song and tell God " My storage is empty and I am available to you "
            " God's Help Page "
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