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Deaconesses of New Life:


The Deaconess Ministry of New Life. These ladies are New Life Prayer Warriors that can really get a prayer through and they were consecrated/ ordained as Deaconesses in 2013 by Pastor Bellamy. They all have served their Office well and are faithful for life as Deaconesses of New Life. Deaconess Mary Daye in the middle is the President and she also sings with the Praise Team during The Praise & Worship and she also leads in Devotional with the Deaconesses. She also sings with the New Life Singers and she can raise those songs that Pastor likes such as " At the gate I know " "I'm going Home on the morning train," and " On my way Home." She is also the Financial Secretary of the Stewardship Ministry and she is married to Mr. James Daye and she is blessed with a large family and she is the mother of the Chairman of the Stewardship Ministry Bro. Marvin Daye. 
 The next Deaconess to the left appointed by the Pastor is Sister Ruby Jackson and she was chosen because she is a woman of works who loves to serve. She is a very dedicated and faithful officer of New Life as well. She can also get a prayer through and she is always more than willing to help anytime the Pastor ask her to do something. She is blessed with a large family and she is not ashamed to own Jesus Christ and witness for Him. She knows how good the Lord is. 
Then the next Deaconess to the right that was appointed by the Pastor because she is a woman of works who loves to serve is Sister Norma Brooks. Sister Brooks is a very out spoken lady in a good manner and she does not mind letting folk know she knows something about Jesus. Her testimonies are very soul stirring and her boldness is unquenchable  and she just can't stop praising the Lord. 
All three Deaconesses have met the requirements and qualifications as set forth in the Bible about what a Deaconess is to be about in the service of Tables.  
Please enjoy this song of The Story of the Old Lady and invite Jesus to come on in the room 
To Contact the Deaconesses please call Sis. Mary Daye at the telephone number below or either you may email her.